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SMS Chatting


I am showing how you can set up an SMS Template using the Patients first name. I am sending and demonstrating the use of [...]

SMS Chatting2020-04-04T06:36:30+00:00

Body Images


We have spent a lot of time working on drawing tools within ProClinicX. I know when I am seeing a patient having the ability [...]

Body Images2020-04-04T06:43:16+00:00

Accounting Linking


Clinical Software linking to accounts. The team is working hard on the implementation of accounting into ProClinicX. We have decided on a 3-way approach [...]

Accounting Linking2020-04-04T06:51:03+00:00

YouTube Tutorials


Been working really hard on getting as many tutorials online as we can. We have set up a YouTube channel with 4 playlists categories, so far. So [...]

YouTube Tutorials2020-04-04T06:58:44+00:00

Technology stack


Were happy to announce we have a new Technology Stack A technology stack, also called a solutions stack or a data ecosystem, is a [...]

Technology stack2020-04-04T07:00:32+00:00

Logo Animation


Thank you to all that helped with this kool animation..

Logo Animation2019-06-23T20:31:28+00:00

Pedorthic conference


We are pleased to be apart of this year Pedorthic conference. 19th September –  21st September Please stop by for a demo. [...]

Pedorthic conference2020-04-04T07:05:31+00:00
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